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10 years of business development, Hildt major turning point in the previous fortunate to have leaders throughout all levels of government, academic experts, media and consumers friends Hildt a consistent concern, consistent expectations. It is this community concern and expect to be supported Hildt people self-reliance, hard work ahead of spiritual strength.
After the growth of small to large, Hildt from my own career and become a social cause. During this period, I was fortunate to meet thousands of well-known Chinese and foreign household appliances business people, everyone from the mutually beneficial business partnership, a like-minded very good friends. I cherish that Hildt in the well-known Chinese and foreign companies with these exchanges, learn from the experience of many management companies have accumulated Hildt further develop and expand wealth of knowledge.
Socialization of achievement Hildt the road, I had the pleasure of a large number of like-minded colleagues in mutual respect one another, complementary and mutual assistance to the cause of difficult interpretation into creative work, the mundane into the magnificent work of accumulation performance.
Is long and faraway. Value of the individual is not how much wealth, but rather to create greater social value of resources. Looking forward, I and my colleagues will adhere to the company as a platform, dedicated to fighting caused Hildt best service brand in China and the chain. To Hildt business has grown to serve the family, to serve the staff, to serve society and achieve self-worth.
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