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Enterprise purpose: to create wealth and contribute to society for the benefit of employees
Enterprise is an economic entity, Hildt there purpose is to create wealth and contribute to society, to meet the growing material and cultural life of staff needs. "Create" is not a simple repetition, but a live thing, we need to build new theories, think of new ways to make new achievements, to ensure the preservation and appreciation of state assets. Enterprises and create wealth, but also to actively undertake the obligations of taxpayers, make more contributions to pay back the community. Employees are masters of the wealth of the enterprise, the benefit for employees is the purpose of production and operation and the end result. Only through creating wealth, to contribute to society, to the benefit for employees. Whole sentences concise, clear cause and effect relationship, clarity of purpose.
Corporate ethics: integrity, win-win
"Integrity" is honest, trustworthy, this is the most basic moral norms, is the core of business ethics in order to standardize the behavior of enterprises and employees. Enterprises in the foreign exchanges to talk faith to win the trust of customers; business employees talk about integrity, and more for the benefit of employees; employees must be loyal to the enterprise, multi-enterprise efforts. "Win-win" deal with relationships between the enterprises to master the principles of the time, the business activities of enterprises to be established on the basis of equality and mutual benefit of both sides, so that partners can be a long time, such operations can be a win-win.
Company motto: holding Hildt is the hold up our own future
"Hold up" is a gesture is to stand tall, of one mind; "hold up" is a process, is to make unremitting efforts with the times; "hold up" is a spirit, is to danger, tenacious struggle. Hildt is the carrier of life of all staff, is the cause of all the staff where it is the hope and future of all employees. "Hold up hold up Hildt is our own future" and two "hold up" are mutually reinforcing, fully reflect the business and the relationship between employee life and life-phase information. Hildt is a community of interests with employees, Hildt by staff to create effective employee by Hildt the survival and development. Hildt and the staff is the cause of community, Hildt bigger and stronger by staff, staff of the cause of the Hildt. Hildt and the staff is fate, common hopes, common ideals and to make employees and businesses closely linked and prosperous. Whole words concise, full of philosophy, to give people of one mind, nurturing the team spirit to make progress.
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